Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

Hello! I’m using a door closer! That is what the door is attached to today. The doors are widely using the door closer, which makes them silent day by day, since they do not participate in the noises of all the houses. Now, silently watch how things happen.

Although door closers have made them externally strong as they are difficult to push and pull. They used to be easily crushed, and then screamed in pain after that. Now, no matter how much force you apply to push or pull them, they will always have a silent response, as if the nearest door is the enlightenment they gained that made them Lord Buddha. They even pose as Mahatma Gandhi, as they only have one response to violence, which is non-violence. Peace is his motto now. Silence is your new religion.

But you cannot leave out those who are so beautifully prepared during marriages. They are prepared in such a way that they are also going to marry a bridal door. In fact, in marriages, the doors that are silent should also be called boyfriends. The man’s bedroom door must be waiting to say, ‘make the bride’s groom’ (pun used). But here is a catch. Not all doors are treated the same. You still make the bathroom doors as ugly as possible. In many marriages, only the front doors are taken care of (in the case of 2 entrances or maybe 3 or I don’t know, it depends on how rich you are). Bathroom doors are still waiting for their decorative days. Racism even prevails between doors. No one realizes that bathroom doors are the most important people in an emergency. But as one said, “the importance of someone is only understood when they are gone.” If there were no bathroom doors, you’d feel as helpless as an engineering student sitting on the first bench in an exam.

As there are generally more men than women in this country, similarly, there are more doors than windows in the home. But most of the doors and windows are very different from each other. Their personalities are polar opposites. They can never be compatible with each other. One doesn’t let you get involved in his life unless you open up to him, and the other is an outgoing person and everyone knows what’s inside of her. There is a famous phrase, ‘you make a better door than a window’, that tells us how this society judges doors and windows as above. Everyone immediately jumps to the conclusion hearing only one side of the story. But no one understands the fact that if you try to know more about the doors, you can look through them and see what is inside. Although you will not be able to know everything about them. But as we say, something is better than nothing.

Also, personally, I hate windows because they let people in too easily. One must be strong as doors, they don’t allow everyone to be included in their lives like that. As we know, the doors are somehow introverted, the key to their hearts is only provided to a few people. Generally, they lock themselves in and only allow entry to those who know them well. But they should be aware of fake people trying to enter their lives through their fake keys.

“Nothing is permanent in this universe. Even the galaxies revolve around their centers. If some things get stuck in your mind, just try to focus on the things that make you forget negative thoughts and infuse all the positivity in you. When you miss an opportunity, you often find a new one “, said one window to the other depressed.” So don’t worry, when one door has closed, another will have its arms OPEN for you 🙂 “final words by the window , while both let the air in through them.

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