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KEVIN: When we go to the grocery store, and we see all those low-fat, fat-free net carbs, everything he just said, you know, what’s the policy?

PHOENIX: Oh, stay away from them. Stay away from because … here’s the thing again. Yes, it isn’t, which surprises me so much that there are still so many on the shelves. I am so … still so fascinated when I go to the grocery store to see what they are perpetuating in the unsuspecting consumer. And many consumers, with all due respect, don’t have the time to do what I did to research some things. They want to trust what food manufacturers tell them. So, they put the label, “It has no fat.” For those who think it is … fat, then they will grab it. And they will probably overeat it because they think, “Well, it’s not fat.” And it is the same with the net carburetor and the impact carburetor. It’s all nonsense, if I may say so.

KEVIN: Yes, sure.

PHOENIX: Because whatever has denied that, there is some kind of deception in the label behind it. I say to my clients, “Look, did you ever put that on a good tomato or a good piece of fruit?” No. Because your goal in those foods is really, I mean, how does the food business stay in business? They do it by selling their food. And how do they make sure to sell it and become a loyal and loyal customer? They would have to make us addicted. And how do they get us addicted? Hiding the sugar and under all kinds of names. So for those foods, again, it’s not about eating good, healthy fats. I’m not talking about the trans fats found in processed potato chips and pretzels and the like. I am talking about good and healthy fats. So it’s all about eating those good, healthy fats and staying away from all the misleading labels that come underneath low-fat products – you know, net carbs and impact carbs.

KEVIN: Yes. And speaking a bit of good fats and bad fats, which are the good fats, a lot of people, here, good fats, good fats. Well, what is it, you know?

PHOENIX: Well, good fat Kevin, it would be things like eggs, whole eggs. Eggs are one of the most perfect foods for those who are concerned about cholesterol. Another myth. I talked about it in great detail in the book, that is, you have to eat good and healthy fats, and with good and healthy fats comes good and healthy cholesterol. So, eggs, whole eggs.

KEVIN: And why have people been saying that, you know, egg whites …

PHOENIX: Just egg whites?


PHOENIXWell, that was perpetuated many years ago by the cereal industry and I’d say it was a huge success, right?


PHOENIX: Because it really is. For those who really understand how the body works, again, they must activate insulin because the body … fat. And healthy fat doesn’t cause that insulin response.


PHOENIXSo, when eating good, healthy cholesterol, you actually have to eat cholesterol with every meal, Kevin, to stop your body’s internal production. And if you don’t eat good, healthy cholesterol with every meal, your body will make it from the carbohydrates you eat, and that’s not a good way. That is what will lead to plaque formation in the arteries.

KEVIN: OK. So is your body creating those hormones from cholesterol?

PHOENIX: Yes. Your body will create cholesterol on its own. It has its own internal mechanism to do so. If you don’t, if you don’t eat foods that contain it, which is what, then when you eat it, it stops its own production.


PHOENIX: But some other healthy fats are olive oil, extra virgin olive oil, grapeseed oil, flaxseed oil, nuts and seeds, no salt, please, no smoking, you know, and salty things. Avocados, organic mayonnaise, fresh white cheeses, your mozzarella, feta and goat. Those are all wonderful, good, healthy fats. And of course, in your fish, like salmon and things like that, you will have health, I see it more as a protein source, but you also get good sources of fat in that.

KEVIN: AHA. What about fish oils and flaxseed oils, are they good too?

PHOENIX: Absolutely, for your Omega-3s and 6s and things like that, I recommend, you know, in my book I list, I do chapters of, just one chapter of great low GI carbs.


PHOENIX: And then a list of foods that someone would find in my house on any given day and that is a list of all types of good healthy fats, low GI carbohydrates, different foods for, different fish for their Omega-3s and things like what. So … I’ve had a lot of people say, “Oh, you need to write a cookbook.” But it was more important to me to give people the tools to teach them how to think for themselves because that will take you a lifetime than who lives off a cookbook? I mean, it’s not going to happen.

KEVIN: Yes. Could you give us a snapshot of some of the things in your house right now?

PHOENIX: Oh, of course. I just … hey, no, it’s … This morning, I had three eggs with mozzarella cheese …


PHOENIX: … with a little tomato and olive oil.


PHOENIX: I always have, I have about two dozen eggs, I eat about two dozen eggs a week, and they are also a great snack for people who say, “Oh, I don’t know what I’ll have for a snack.” Boil some eggs. , they are an excellent snack.


PHOENIX: I have some raw almonds, I make my own trail mix, I usually have a variety of almonds, macadamias, walnuts, mix them up and make my own trail mix.

KEVIN: Oh great.

PHOENIX: I have fresh whipped cream that I put in my decaf green tea, which I have right here topped with a little cinnamon, absolutely wonderful, better than any latte.

KEVIN: So fresh whipped cream, you mean, straight from the farm, or …

PHOENIX: Yes. Fresh whipped cream that, you know, not spray cream, but real, whole fresh whipped cream.


PHOENIX: And because? Because it is, although I try to limit my intake of any beef product, it is a good healthy source of fat and has zero carbs, which means zero sugar. Then …

KEVIN: I have you.

PHOENIX: … this is not skim milk or skim milk which, again, is a carbohydrate and, as a liquid carbohydrate, will affect your blood sugar level even more dramatically. So for me, it’s whole whipped cream.

KEVIN: And could you explain that a little more? I think a lot of people don’t realize …

PHOENIX: The liquid carburetor?

KEVIN: … that milk, dairy, lactose is a sugar and that there are carbohydrates.

PHOENIX: Well, no, exactly, Kevin, and the thing is two like fruit. When I say to people, “Oh,” I mean, fruit juice, they say, “Oh, are you telling us it’s not healthy?” I said, “No, no, no. This is how you eat those carbs.” Because fruit has fructose, which is fruit sugar.


PHOENIX: Milk has lactose, which is the sugar in milk. And so when you have it, not only is it a carbohydrate, but just like fruit juice and milk, you will have a liquid carbohydrate. And as a liquid carbohydrate, it will affect your blood sugar level much more dramatically. Why? Because it is nothing but liquid. It will pass much faster into the bloodstream. It has nothing, the body does not have to take the time to break it down.


PHOENIX: So that’s why I recommend you, of course, I want you to eat fruit. There are better fruits than others and mine, when in fact I am working with clients who have excess insulin, which is where the weight you carry around your abdomen is the most harmful to your health, it is your fruits with GI more low, that, for me, berries. I highly recommend any of the berries. But again, eat them in their natural state. Do not take them in juice form. Just look at any bottle. When you go to the store, Kevin, you can pick up any bottle, look at all the fruit juices that are marketed, just read the panel. Look at how much sugar it contains and how many servings it contains. There are often a staggering, at least thirty, if not sixty to eighty grams of sugar in one of those juice products. Again, it’s about taking carbohydrates in their natural form. Fruits and the like, so that the body has the ability to break down fiber, which will help reduce the blood sugar responses that it will cause.

KEVIN: So these juices, when you look at them in the grocery store they say 100 percent juice?

PHOENIX: Yes, but they can say 100% juice or they can say whatever, but still, it’s plain water with sugar.

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