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So, do you want to know how to do a Tarot reading? Before doing so, make sure you are familiar with the basics of the platform. You can use a reference for the details, but an important lesson on how to do a Tarot reading is to be a part of the reading, and a lot depends on your intuitive and psychic understanding.

As an example of how to do a Tarot reading, we will do a simple 3 Card Draw. This type is most commonly used to make a decision about changes or new perspectives in work, life, or love. The three cards represent the past, the present, and the future. You are learning to do a Tarot reading, so take notes of ideas and attitudes towards each card. First impressions count! The initial flash you may feel when the card is first revealed to you is most often the one to be chased. The deck needs to be well shuffled, including random rotations of the cards, because up or down makes a big difference in the meaning of the spread. Focus on a single question, but don’t be surprised if the deal changes in subtle ways. Spread the deck, face down, in front of you. Move your hands over the deck slowly and choose the first 3 cards that “catch your eye”. As they are drawn, arrange them in order, from left to right. Many methods turn the entire spread at once, but to learn how to do a Tarot reading, but we will go in order.

This is how a Tarot reading is done: Turn over the first card and examine it. You know its meaning, but how does that relate to the question or to other related situations? Trust your gut and write down the first reaction that comes to mind or that just occurred to you. Look at a reference guide and write down how the literal meaning relates to your question. This is the context of the question and represents the past.

Continuing with the example of how to do a Tarot reading, reveal the second card, which is the Conflict of the Present. This card directly involves the subject of the question itself. Take note of your first reaction. Until you are sure how to do a Tarot reading, it is a good idea to take notes. Consult a guide or website and examine how the meaning of the picture represents the question.

The final drawing is the Future and contains the Resolution of the question. As before, write down and consider the implications of this particular win. Here is the answer to the question, and although it may not be obvious at first, careful consideration of its meaning in relation to the other two reveals the solution to the conflict.

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