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Some will argue that anyone who doesn’t like sex in video games like this should simply “not buy the game” and avoid “spoiling other people’s fun.” These are the exact types of comments that come from an immature gamer.

Sex and nudity, blood and excessive violent content do not make a game “mature” and the M for Mature rating itself is just a label that allows developers to introduce this controversial content whenever they can to call more attention to their titles.

Rockstar has a reputation for putting nudity and sex in their games, so it’s no wonder Red Dead Redemption has such a scene. They showed in their Grand Theft Auto series that they like to push the limits of what is allowed and acceptable. Due to a heated debate over the “Hot Coffee” minigame scandal, Rockstar has stuck to mostly implicit sex and sexuality scenes. But in Red Dead Redemption, they decide to go one step further and introduce sex into their games in a new way. If it’s controversy you’re after, they’ve certainly done the trick!

The famous Red Dead Redemption sex scene occurs at the beginning of the mission “The Gates of El Presidio.” John walks in and finds Abraham Reyes (well known for hanging out with women of all stripes) in what some would call a compromising position with a local woman at a table. This is where the problem comes in. It’s pretty apparent to any mature adult that game developers could easily imply what was happening at the table without the need for nudity or graphic sex scenes. However, Rockstar feels we need full cartoon porn to get an idea.

It’s a real insult to mature gamers when the developers think we should include this kind of cheeky porn scene that has no real bearing on the mission or outcome of the game in any way. It’s an attention-grabbing ploy that wouldn’t be necessary if they just made great games in the first place. It’s not so much the nudity and the sex itself that bothers most gamers, but the deceptive tactic that is often used to get the game to the press.

The only people interested in the potential pixelated porn would be children or other immature audiences. For the rest of us, we understand what history tells us about Reyes and his ruff and harsh attitude and objectification of women. We understand that you enjoy your celebrity status and make the most of that. There is no need for the scene at all other than to draw controversial attention to poor gameplay. If more time was spent improving the story line and gameplay, Red Dead Redemption wouldn’t need a sex scene for people to talk about it.

So what is the scene about anyway?

The basic and clean version is that at the beginning of the mission, John walks into a room where Reyes has a local woman at a table and is obviously having sex with her. The woman is dressed but the clothing is removed to reveal the private areas. We see the breasts and the sounds and animations of sexual intercourse, but we do not see the male or female genitalia. The woman, startled, then jumps off the table and starts walking into the camera’s view where we get a full female frontal. Her dress is removed on the genitals and on the breasts.

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