Tue. Jun 28th, 2022

Selling information products with reprint rights is a great and easy way to quickly start earning money online and by mail. Especially since they can give you free traffic to help you build your mailing list.

When I started my own online business, I had nine years of previous experience selling products with reprint rights by mail order. It didn’t take me long to realize that there were people like me who also wanted to make money from mail order.

All you had to do was advertise something and it would generate small orders of $10 – $30 and even up to $100 in repeat or pending orders. I once fixed a few dead looking reports on a decent new product that I would personally buy, they sold very well.

I’ve gotten orders up to $250 at a time, but mostly in the $30-$100 range. Like a hot rod or a fancy motorcycle, anything I personally liked in the mail order realm too others liked it. So I just created juicy sales flyers using the most compelling titles I could find to get orders.

I even cleaned up the print on many of the reports with my word processor to make them look like new. I soon discovered that if I created a new series of products by grouping random titles together, others liked them too. And they sold well and still do today.

Naturally, I gravitated towards selling online after a while. In fact, I bought a series of reprint rights eBooks online for $47 that also came with short videos showing me how to get set up online and take orders.

Once I learned about using pay-per-click advertising and was able to accept orders through PayPal, I was able to start taking orders online. Since I had spent so much time making my own mail order flyers, I naturally wanted to make my own cool sales letter websites.

Instead of using Microsoft Word, I started using Microsoft Front Page (there are free site builders like Composer). For me it is like being a hunter or a fisherman. It’s like making that crazy fishing lure that really draws them in!

Another advantage of reprint rights is that you may have embedded PROFIT CENTERS within products that are advertisements for your other products. They can also be links for affiliate offers.

Free advertising or free traffic occurs when others buy and start selling your products with reprint rights. Your information products can be short informative reports of 7 to 15 pages.

Another advantage is that as you produce your own products, you can offer basic reprint rights as well as master reprint rights. Offering reprint or resale rights to the master is an instant back-end product.

Whether your information products are Internet-based or mail order, the basics remain the same:

1.) You need specific sales content.
2.) You need to build a great mailing list.
3.) You must keep track of your list.
4.) Offer anything up front (a free report, a hefty discount, do whatever it takes to build your list) becauseā€¦
5.) Real wins start in the second order.
6.) And take advantage of the efforts of other marketers to build your list.
7.) Focus on selling recurring income products. It can be a newsletter, web hosting, autoresponder service, etc. This offers you even more leverage.

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