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Then you want to start running. Running is one of the most effective ways to burn calories and get in shape. Running will develop your core strength, increase your stamina, and give you more energy. Running regularly can change your life.

To start running, you will need to know some of the key aspects of running training. You will need to get your running gear, develop a running plan, and adjust your diet.

As they say, running is the simple process of putting one foot in front of the other. It is something that we as humans have evolved to be good at. Our bodies are designed to run. Our ability to sweat along with our balanced torso and head gives us a distinct advantage over other animals during long distance runs.

I was like you, when I started running I was running half a block and I was completely out of breath and had a terribly paralyzing stitch. I was amazed at how quickly it changed with a little regular practice. I was able to measure the improvement within the first week. After about 2 weeks of running regularly, I was able to run 1km before having to stop to catch my breath. After running for a few more weeks, heavy breathing and racing heart were no longer a problem, I was able to jog and carry on a conversation (and I thought those runners were just trying to show off!) I’d run until my legs started to hurt . with fatigue.

During this process I paid attention to my eating habits. It’s hard not to when you think about the race you plan to do later that day. I cut down on my sugars and carbs and started drinking protein shakes. I lost 10 pounds.

So whether you want to lose weight, gain energy, or hit a particular career goal. You have to start your training somewhere. Here are my suggestions to get started.

Get some information Subscribe to a running magazine. Having the material popping up regularly throughout the year will keep haunting your mind, making it harder to move on and forget about exercising. These magazines have great information on different running techniques to try, equipment reviews, and general tips and tricks from the experts on how to make running more enjoyable. I personally recommend and subscribe to “Runners World”.

In addition to a magazine subscription, you should consider purchasing a book or two on the subject. There are a lot of things to know. Everything from proper breathing and posture to designing proper training programs and treating injuries. Check or your local bookstore for suggestions.

Running gear The only thing you really need is a good pair of running shoes. Take the time to find a pair that really fits you. I suggest going to a specialized running store because they will know what type of footwear will work best for you. One pair of shoes will last between 800 and 1000 miles of running. It is not the piece of equipment you want to save money on.

Other things that will make running more enjoyable include double-layered athletic socks, running shorts or leggings (yes, I even wear leggings), a running jacket, gloves, and a running hat for colder weather.

The real secret of the decade for training has been the heart rate monitor. This device can accurately measure your heart rate while running. Your heart rate is a very good indication of how much effort you are putting in. By observing it closely, you can stay in the ‘zone’ that is most efficient. For example, I know that once my heart rate goes above 180 bpm, I will start to breathe harder and quickly have to slow down or stop. By keeping my heart rate closer to 160 bpm, I know that I can run more and burn more calories.

Advanced heart rate monitors can also be connected to ‘pedometers’ or ‘GPS’ to measure your distance and speed. both will provide you with great motivation for your training.

The Runner Log A run log book is a useful tool. It’s great motivation because you’ll want to fill in the blanks with proof that you are doing the exercise. A running log is also great for looking back and figuring out which training techniques worked best for you. That can come in handy when you want to run a new personal brand.

Your log book should contain the following information: distance traveled, total time, how you felt, and the weather. It may be a good idea to write down the shoes you used so you know when it’s time to replace them.

Tip number one My best tip for staying motivated is signing up for a local race. Find a 5K or 10K to register and train to be able to complete it to the best of your ability. Always have another career on the horizon that you have to keep fit for. Find a friend and have him check in too while you’re at it. Don’t wait until you can run the distance before committing to a race. I ran my first 10K when the furthest I could run without stopping was 2K. The adrenaline you get from running in a race will increase your performance significantly.

Running diet If you run regularly, you will need to eat. One of the main problems people have with improving their running performance is due to lack of food. There is a tendency to think “oh, if I only weighed 5 pounds less I could run a lot further.” The problem is that when you run you will break down some muscle fibers, and if you do not feed your body protein and carbohydrates to rebuild muscle, you will only lose muscle mass, which will not only reduce your performance but will also decrease. your metabolism makes it difficult to lose fat in the future.

That’s not an excuse to binge after jogging. Have a good healthy meal, just be sure to incorporate some protein and carbohydrates to help you stay in shape.

Fact: You can only metabolize about 250 calories from fat per hour. So if you burn 700 calories during an hour of training, most of those calories come from your muscles or from food. This is why the optimal heart rate for fat burning is quite low, only 60% of your maximum heart rate.

More Than Running Running is great and all, but there are other things you should do to see the most progress possible. Running excessively without giving yourself enough time to adjust to the impacts on your body is a sure way to end up injured. Although you should run quite a bit during your training, you should swap some running sessions for some cross-training exercises. Consider anything that keeps your heart rate up, like rollerblading, biking, swimming, or wall climbing. This will exercise your cardiovascular system without stressing your joints by the same amount that running would.

It is also important to learn how to stretch properly. Stretching before and after each race will improve recovery time, increase performance during the race, and prevent injury. Don’t underestimate the importance of stretching as part of your routine. In fact, I do yoga once a week to focus solely on stretching.

Strength training is key to increasing your speed and is the cornerstone of your running training. Increasing the strength of your legs and core muscles will make a BIG difference. Strong legs will result in more controlled steps, help prevent your ankles and knees from twisting, and improve your speed. To work these muscles, you can do some squats and lunges at home or at the gym, or you can try running hills. A strong core will greatly increase your running efficiency. It will reduce the stress on your lower back that could cause pain. To strengthen your abs, do some sit-ups and the bridge (there are always abs exercises in the latest health magazines for more ideas).

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