Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

Operating a small business today is more difficult than ever. The amount of regulation and pressure placed on small business owners to make sure they are crossing all of their “T’s” and all of their “I’s” is almost insurmountable. Just when we think we’ve figured it out, some politician is introducing more legislation to further complicate the process. It’s no wonder so many small businesses offering amazing products and / or services go out of business because they simply can’t keep up with those regulations.

One way to begin to conquer the problem of all those regulations is to take advantage of the time-saving forms of small businesses that are finding their way into the market today. Please understand that I am not talking about the old traditional forms that you printed and then struggled to fill out because you weren’t sure what to put in that little blank. No, a small business owner needs a way that thinks for them, at least to some extent, that makes the process quick, simple, and efficient.

The type of small business forms that are useful in this new regulated environment are forms that can be completed on the go or in the comfort of an office on a smartphone, laptop, notepad, or any other electronic device. They need a form that not only asks for a necessary response, but when responses need to be more specific, the form will offer smart options so they know the form was completed correctly.

One of the main challenges for small business owners is when they are faced with an employee or employees who do not want to follow the rules that you have set. Maybe it’s as simple as being late (late)! On the other hand, it could be something very serious, like an employee sexually harassing a co-worker. These are the types of problems that are not generally included in the field of expertise of business owners, but that can ruin any business.

The key to handling any employee behavior issues is to address it immediately and then make sure you document what you did. The best way to document the problem is by issuing a written notice to the employee explaining;

• What is the notice (Written Counseling / First Written Warning / Second Written Warning / Reprimand / etc.)

• Why the discipline is issued (Tardiness / Absenteeism / Disrespectful Behavior / etc.)

• The date (s) the misbehavior occurred

• What should be the correct behavior (Tardiness: you are instructed to be at work or shortly before your scheduled shift starts …)

• What are the consequences if misbehavior does not improve (Any future infraction may result in additional disciplinary action up to and including possible termination).

• Both the small business owner and the employee must sign (if the employee refuses to sign, have a witness sign or write it down on the document they refused to sign).

By using an employee discipline notification form, the documentation process will be a breeze. Especially if you use an electronic version of the small business form that guides you through the process quickly and easily. However, the key is to address it as soon as possible, be fair and consistent with all employees, and document the action you took. Good luck.

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