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The Sphynx cat is obviously different from the average furry cat in the amount of fur it has, but what are the other traits of a Sphynx cat? Will they be right for you?

One of the most cited advantages of a Sphynx is its alleged hypoallergenic properties, unfortunately these claims are unfounded as the most common allergy to cats is to a protein in their saliva, and Sphynx saliva is made up of the same proteins as other cat breeds.

A true professional of the breed is his personality. Well-bred sphinxes are outgoing, curious, and attention-seeking, a far cry from other breeds that can be shy, arrogant, and surly. If you are looking for a fun companion with energy and character, consider a Sphynx.

The lack of hair on a Sphynx does not reduce, as some may think, the amount of grooming a Sphynx requires. The opposite is the fact, as the natural oils from the skin that would have been distributed throughout the coat to give a shiny shine and protect the coat, settles on the Sphynx’s fur and will pick up dirt and dead skin flakes (dander ) and sweat. (yes, Sphynx cats have sweat glands), all of this needs a regular bath to get rid of.

Sphynx cats are indoor cats due to their lack of fur. They cannot protect their skin from the sun, nor can they protect themselves in a fight with other cats, and they would become hypothermic quite quickly. Having a cat that does not go outside is a great help for the wildlife in your home. Cats are responsible for most of the deaths of lizards, birds and mammals and in some countries like Australia, they have been responsible for the near extinction of species.

Sphynx’s digestive system is sensitive and loose, itchy stools are often the result of something in their diet that is upsetting their tummy. Feeding Sphynxes raw, wet food will eliminate most intestinal problems and will be cheaper than canned cat food.

This hairless cat breed is now being recognized for making fabulous companion cats and is being certified in the US and around the world. This work with special groups is helping to raise the profile of the Sphynx cat in the greater community. Because they love to be around humans, delight in any attention, Sphynxes break the boundaries that some elderly and disabled people have, and encourage the expression of love and joy.

Sphynx cats are still rare and as such the demand for them is high and the supply is low, leading to high prices compared to other cat breeds. I think this is a pro as only the most dedicated owner will want to spend the money to own one. This will also mean that when you have one you are in a pretty exclusive club!

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