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The Bailiwick of Guernsey, located 90 miles south of the UK and 30 miles west of France, is an island with a lot going for it, beautiful beaches, warmer temperatures than the UK and now, yoga classes in the air. free in places that would be hard to beat for sight and beauty.

Our first adventure in this idyllic way to spend a few hours was situated on the promontory overlooking the stunning bay of Port Soif on the west coast of Guernsey, with the promise of a magnificent sunset to top it off, I was really looking forward to discovering Yoga . on the island.

When we decided to participate in this class, we were asked to bring a yoga mat, but since I didn’t have one, I had to borrow one from our Yoga leader, who had plenty to spare just in case the class was going to contain any Yoga novices like me.

Before the Yoga class started, we were asked if we had any sports ailments or injuries, this was so that our Yoga leader could customize the flow of the class to suit everyone’s needs.

There are not many words that can describe the view at Port Soif, where the first of our Yoga classes would take place. Looking out over the beautiful beach with its white sand, bright red granite sides, and the perfect blue ocean right in front of us, you have to see it to believe it!

We began as our leader guided us through a series of slow-flowing asanas (poses), and then lay back (in Savasana) for guided relaxation with the sun on our face and the rich grass of Port Soif Common below us.

The Yoga class was fantastic and very well organized, and after we finished stretching and moving into positions I could never imagine, we felt a little hungry. Fortunately, to make our yoga night on the beach even more special, a local kiosk on the beach stayed open late, especially for our class, and offered a great selection of food and drink to watch the sunset.

We were so impressed tonight on the headland that we decided to see if we could attend other outdoor events, we were delighted to find that there were two more yoga classes taking place in the great outdoors of Guernsey for the next couple. weeks. Of course we booked and the second event was even more beautiful.

Castle Cornet, a large medieval castle built on Guernsey’s famous waterfront, was the next place for one of these magical nights.

We arrived at the castle on a beautiful clear night and headed to the upper lawn for a very special pop-up yoga class. The stunning panoramic views surrounding the castle are not to be missed if you ever visit here. It was great to hear that our Yoga leader had a backup plan in case the Guernsey weather failed us, but as it happened, the night was as quiet and peaceful as I felt after class ended. Afterwards, we sat and drank a cup of herbal tea that we had bought at another of Guernsey’s famous kiosks, and watched the Bailiwick of Guernsey slowly drift off to sleep.

A week later we attended another yoga class at a place called Vale Castle. Practicing yoga overlooking the spectacular landscape towards Herm and Sark (the smallest islands in the Bailiwick) was the end of a perfect couple of weeks on the island of Guernsey.

Since returning home, we have already booked a return to the island next month for a weekend yoga camp on the beautiful east coast of Guernsey.

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