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A bailiff’s deputy experienced life as dreams related to an alien species called Arcturians. Dreams become more vivid as you begin to understand, dreams are actually real. One night while working, he suddenly disappears. Or does he?

Nobody talks about that night. It’s almost as if there is an unspoken rule within the department not to bring up this case for fear of being branded as crazy. Not only for his career, but also for the sake of his personal life. I’ve seen people distancing themselves from others whenever the ghost and spaceship talk is mentioned. No one wants to admit that maybe something happened beyond our comprehension that night. For officers and investigators at the Madison County Sheriff’s Office in Madison, Florida, this unsolved case is about to burn.

The case is 2 years old and there are no new leads on the disappearance of Rep. Jason Vickers. Here’s what we know: On the night of November 3, 2011, Representative Vickers made a traffic stop in a blue ’90s Ford Taurus labeled Florida AW4597S. Dispatch received his call at 230 am. The stop was at Cody Rd and Heffner St. Representative Vickers’ traffic stop sounded like a routine stop until he unexpectedly yelled, “OMG, they’re here!” Units along with the department’s helicopter unit responded to the scene within minutes feeling it was in trouble. When they arrived, only Rep. Vickers’s empty cruiser was found. The blue Ford Taurus was nowhere to be found. A thorough search of the area was carried out, but it turned out to be to no avail. The patrol was processed by the crime scene before being towed to the department’s seizure yard. The department listed the disappearance of Rep. Vickers as a possible kidnapping. A BOLUS (be on the lookout) was placed on the missing Ford sedan. The case went cold after the vehicle and its occupants were never found. The case of Rep. Vickers’ disappearance was eventually sent to the cold case files.

On March 22, 2013 at 2 am, rookie deputy Brian Jones is on a routine patrol heading north on Freemont Way when he sees a vehicle following directly behind him. Deputy Jones slows down and stops his vehicle at a red light. Look in the rear view mirror and notice the vehicle approaching and coming to a complete stop. The light turns green suddenly after five minutes. Just as Jason proceeds to drive through the green light, he notices that the vehicle behind him is also moving through the light, but slowly. Vehicle headlights appear to get smaller as distance increases. Deputy Jones believes this behavior is suspicious, so he stops on the shoulder of the road in hopes of obtaining a clear description of the vehicle. The blue sedan finally passes Congressman Jones slowly and deliberately. The vehicle eventually passes Congressman Jones, who can then identify a lone white male driver. Rep. Jones thought to himself, the vehicle fit the description of the sedan that was described in a previous BOLO ad. Deputy Jones accelerated his cruise to approach the blue sedan and followed the Ford Taurus for a long distance. When he was finally able to read the label, he immediately radioed the dispatcher: “Does Madison copy a Florida label on a blue Ford Taurus occupied by a white man?” “Go ahead”. “AW4597S; we are traveling north on Freemont Way. I will continue until reinforcements arrive.” “10-4”. K9 aide Ken Harris and other agents announce that they are on their way to help him. Dispatch informs responding officers that the vehicle and was listed as the car used in the deputy Jason Vickers’ disappearance. “10-4” replied Rep. Jones. The vehicle proceeded to increase its speed slightly as Deputy Jones’s heart pounded. The officer believes the driver is looking for a place to get out of the car. The Taurus slows down and finally stops on the shoulder of the road when Deputy Jones finally activates his blue lights. The assisting deputies arrive at the same time. They both get out of their vehicles with their weapons drawn. Deputy Jones holds up the intercom and yells the following orders: This is the Madison County Sheriff’s Office, any movement or failure to comply with my orders will be considered an act of battery! “” Driver, with your right hand turn off the vehicle. Do it now! “The white driver obeys.” Driver, with your left hand, go out the window and open the door! “The diver struggles to open the driver’s side window, but finally manages to comply.”, I got out of the car with my back to my voice. Do it now! “Drunk guy stumbles out of car with his back to Officer Jones. K9 barks incessantly.” Driver, pull up your shirt and turn around slowly “.” Car 122, are you 10-4? “The dispatcher is controlling me, Deputy Jones says in his head.” I’m 10-4 thanks. “The driver lifts his shirt. He looks to his left and right, instead of turning. He whispers to his partner:” Lo Sorry man, I’m not going back to jail. “The man suddenly runs past the Taurus and into a wooded area. Agent Jones yells,” Come back! “Agent Harris drops the K9. A brief chase ensues. Agent Harris runs after them as his backrest covers the now empty car. The dog catches up with the man after they run about 50 meters. The dog jumps on his left arm dragging him. to the ground. The man fights with the dog, but it is not good. Dog has sunk his teeth into the man’s flesh, ripping and tearing his arm like a pork chop. The man screams screams of blood as the K9 pulls and he rolls ks on his left arm. “Wake up!” Deputy Harris yells as he finally catches up. The dog complies with perfect obedience. The man groans in severe pain. Deputy Jones puts the handcuffs on him. “Madison, leads to EMS on the way to my location. Suspect has some cocks. “” 10-4. “” Good job, “says Deputy Jones.” You’re going to tell us what you did to him. “Deputy Jones yells as he picks up the unidentified white man.” With whom ? “snaps the man. The ambulance arrives at that moment and transports the driver to the hospital to be treated for the dog bites. Meanwhile, investigators have already contacted Deputy Vickers’ sister to obtain the code for access to Vickers’ laptop. They discovered some of Rep. Jason Vickers’s diary notes where he wrote in the days leading up to his disappearance. He wrote about having vivid dreams in which he had conversations with inanimate objects. A blog describes him sitting down on a couch in his little apartment, and the couch started talking to him telepathically that they were from another dimension looking for one of their missing leaders, who abruptly disappeared centuries ago. Later, the so fa tells Jason that his missing leader was once here on earth and his name was Jesus Christ. The conversation turned emotional as he described the life of Jesus on earth being mocked, beaten, and ultimately killed. There were numerous annotations about Vickers willingness to leave earth with the aliens, because he felt that he could serve humanity by finding Jesus who is in another dimension. Could this be a legitimate reason to finally close the case? Meanwhile, the man in question claimed that he still remembered that night. He said he remembered being stopped by a police officer, and while he waited for the officer to approach him, he recalled that a very bright light shone over the entire area. He remembers waiting a few minutes after receiving no more responses from the officer, he went out to see what the problem was. The driver said he approached the patrol car and found no one inside. He claims to have left the scene to never speak to anyone about what had happened or what he saw. He was then released from questioning after reviewing his story.

The question remains: What really happened to Rep. Vickers? The case now returns to the cold case state.

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