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GTA, while having an impressive story at times, is at its finest when you allow it to be taken for what it is. I spent countless afternoons after a difficult day playing this with my brother to see who could get the most stars without using cheats before the authorities stopped him. Nonsense violence yes, but also tremendously entertaining.

Fun fact: Did you know that GTA is, in fact, a game series produced in the UK and not in the US?

Burnout paradise

Taking out other cars is a lot of fun, driving fast is a lot of fun, and finding jumps is a lot of fun. The game is one of the easiest to play. It is the fun alternative to a more serious game like Gran Turismo. If you want realistic driving experiences, this is not for you. If you want to drive a formula one car through a city while doing jumps and you love the idea of ​​crashing into your rivals to win a race, this is for you. It is probably the most exciting game I have ever played due to the great speed of the racing.

Warhawk / Starhawk

Personally, I don’t think Starhawk is as good as Warhawk. However, both are two of the most underrated games available on the PS3. It made me a kid again, the best action figures always used to be the ones that came with vehicles and in both games you will find a lot of vehicles.

Infamous 2

Here’s a little trend popping up. I like to make my childhood fantasies come true that will never be when I find time to play and being a superhero was definitely one of them. Lightning bolts coming out of your hands, bad guys chasing, and some amazing graphic effects make this game fun. I was never able to take it very seriously (wait until you see the first cut scene) but that makes it a much easier game to pick up than if I were really engrossed in it.

Just cause 2

Who wouldn’t want to jump out of a plane and hang from a helicopter? The map is huge, the options are endless, and the gameplay is tremendously fun. This game will never be the most challenging nor will it have a very good story, but I didn’t care less when I was blowing things up, driving the coolest vehicles, and generally letting my inner child out.

The games above aren’t my favorite games, but when I’m tired and want a quick gaming session before bed or work, these are the games I love to turn to. What are yours?

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