Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

It seems very obvious that now, more than ever, older people seem to be afraid of expressing themselves sexually. Women give the impression that they are concerned about exposing that side to men. In return, men worry that if they reveal their internal sexual needs, they will be seen as anti-feminist. Society and social constructions are castrating men by blurring the dividing lines between the sexes. The media is brainwashing people on a daily basis, and as a result, women seem fed up with having to be in control of their relationship on a day-to-day basis and not feeling satisfied in the bedroom.

I think that when it comes to sexual behavior between two consenting adults, nothing has to be taboo. I understand that one partner’s actions are not necessarily what another partner would favor, but no one should feel inhibited when expressing their wishes. I advocate that sex is liberating, intense and loving, but perhaps not all at the same time. Much unhappiness is caused by inappropriate and incompatible sexual partners. It took me a long time to find someone with whom I could fulfill my carnal desires. I spent many years, like others, feeling guilty about what I found exciting. I tried to hide it, as more than one colleague told me it was sordid or degenerate and this actually made me feel dirty. But I remained unsatisfied sexually and in many other areas of my life, lacking a medium in which to express those desires. Now that I have a man who is fully accepting and encouraging in every area of ​​my life, I feel like a dark cloud has lifted and my potential in other areas can be realized. I am no longer suffocated.

No one has the right to disapprove of any sexual activity that does not harm anyone else and, in fact, most likely contributes to a person’s well-being, health, and overall positive outlook on life. By sharing passionate moments and your innermost feeling about your desires with your partner, other aspects of a relationship have a chance to become strong and rewarding. I am not suggesting that everyone should engage in deviant sex, it would not be suitable for all couples. However, I believe that people should question their lives if they feel that they cannot honestly fulfill their wishes with the person they love.

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