Tue. Jun 28th, 2022

Virtual reality glasses have set a benchmark in the way users experience the virtual world. These products have introduced a new dimension in the field of games, movies and simulations. There are several companies that make virtual reality headsets, including Blitzwolf, which introduces its revolutionary BlitzWolf BW-VR3 product. This VR headset transforms the VR experience so real that users will love it.

External construction and quality: The product is made of plastic like any other major brand, but the headphones are very sturdy and easy to use. The headphones are of adequate weight, as the user can feel very comfortable during use. Interestingly, there is a function available for adjusting the pupil zoom that makes the product more attractive during use. It has provisions for headphones to enhance the experience. It supports screen sizes from 3.5 inches to 6.3 inches. The phones fit very easily and can be removed very easily. The device straps are soft and comfortable. The lenses of the device are very clear. It has an 18-month manufacturer’s warranty. For wearers with glasses, this device is a boon as the focus of each eye can be calibrated separately using a wheel on the top of the device, which is very easy to use. Perfectly fits almost all phones on the market, including Apple, Samsung, etc. There is a rubber pad that supports the phones in its case that protects the phone from the pressure of pressure like other virtual reality devices on the market.

Movies and Games: The movie-watching experience has a whole new level of virtual reality sense, as they look so real in these headsets. Horror movies have never been as terrifying as HouseGuest, Insidious. Coming to the games, users can have fun while playing them as the graphics are well in sync with the user’s head movements and all virtual reality applications are compatible with these headsets such as Cardboard, Expeditions, Full dive VR and Google Street View.


1) Inexpensive but sophisticated

2) Good service support from Blitzwolf

3) Incredible user experience


1) Only available in black color

Generally speaking, this product is excellent and wonderful, you can give it a try! You are sure to love it!

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