Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

As soccer season begins, fans around the world fight for their right to (throw a) party. A ritual of the season, living rooms once used to host informal dinners and visits with friends become the best seats outside the stadium.

While everyone knows that there are essentials to a good soccer party (chips, salsa, drinks), a few other tweaks can take your party to the next level. Consider, for example, the following:

Have two rooms: In one of the biggest rivalries since the Packers and Bears, the football season brings competition between the Watchers and the Talkers. The Rangers are soccer fans, those who demand total silence in the fourth and one. They are avid fans, cheering loudly for a win and openly sobbing for the loss. They have little patience to umpire badly, change channels, or talk during the game. This brings the Talkers.

The Talkers like soccer, but they don’t love it: For them, it’s more of an excuse to be social and less of an excuse to get an ulcer when their team fails. Although they watch the game a bit, they spend most of their time discussing non-football topics: gossip, television, the latest book they are reading. They have little patience to yell at the television, sulk when an opponent scores, or be silenced.

Since these two groups have different views on viewing football, it is best if they watch the game in two different rooms: a room for those wearing “Football is Life” jerseys and a room for those wearing “What? more is there? ” tattoos

Get coolers: When it comes to watching football, a refrigerator is highly overrated (no offense, May Tag Man). Keeping everything in the fridge not only makes you run out of space, it forces you to get up, possibly missing a play, every time you run out of beer. Instead of putting everything in a refrigerator, fill your living room with a large refrigerator or two. Don’t go to the refreshments, make them come to you.

So that the refrigerator doesn’t feel left out, use it to store food that can go bad: a tray of vegetables, deli meats, blue cheese dressing for your chicken wings. But, keep the drinks and things that you will consume during the game, somewhere close and dear to your television.

Have a computer set up: In this day and age, people not only like football, they also like Fantasy Football – seeing your home team lose is sad, but losing a fantasy game is downright heartbreaking. Those who play Fantasy Football often have the habit of checking their scores periodically, or constantly, on Sundays. Sometimes they can get a ballpark figure of how many points they have by seeing their players’ stats flashing on the screen, but the only way to get a certain score is through the world wide web.

Even for those who don’t play Fantasy Football, a computer gives people the opportunity to check scores for other NFL games, watch their favorite quarterback’s game, or send an email from Denver to someone in Cleveland who Talk about “The Drive.”

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