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No trip to Sedona, Arizona would be complete without visiting beautiful Tlaquepaque (pronounced Tla-keh-pah-keh). The magnificence of this internationally renowned artistic town is unforgettable, and you will be haunted by the atmosphere of Old Mexico. Tlaquepaque invites you to return to a time when life was serene and beauty was everywhere. The Fiesta del Tlaquepaque takes place on September 12, 2009. You’ll find the town squares bustling with music, fun and interactive activities, while the impressive fountains offer a cool respite from the heat of the day. Relax and breathe the atmosphere of the Tlaquepaque experience.

Ancient sycamores provide shade as you wander through town. Oak Creek meanders as it has for centuries, providing a spectacular backdrop for Tlaquepaque. While you may think of Tlaquepaque as an arts and crafts town, you will soon realize that it is so much more. This Sedona landmark opened in the 1970s. The name was chosen for its meaning, which is “the best of everything,” a definition that is as accurate as the beauty of the town. Great care was put into the design and execution of this commercial town gem.

The large arches invite you to enter, the cobblestones of the roads are reminiscent of Mexico. Stucco has been used to simulate the adobe buildings that dot the terrain of Mexico. When they decided to build this shopping icon, everything possible was done to preserve the integrity of the landscape. That is why you will find the trees and foliage protected and cared for with love. The architects respected the beauty of the surroundings and gave us elegant tents to complement the natural beauty of the area.

Tlaquepaque was created as a community where artists could prosper and sell their work. As you stroll down the catwalks, you will see many artists creating new pieces for their galleries. There are over forty stores to explore. They have some of the most incredible deals in the country. The art found in the galleries of Tlaquepaque is unique, inspired by the land and the surrounding universe.

You can find all kinds of art exhibited in Tlaquepaque – western-influenced bronze sculptures, decorative art; paintings, fabrics and the most exquisite blown glass are part of the Tlaquepaque experience. If photography interests you, many places carry unique photographs suitable for hanging.

Clothing is also represented in Tlaquepaque. Casual designer garments in fabrics like silk await. Leather coats, jackets, and other items are offered for approval. Is jewelry one of your passions? Contemporary or Native American bracelets, earrings, and necklaces will complement fashion that you find attractive. If you are looking for the extraordinary, Tlaquepaque will have it.

One of the many pleasures that await the guest of Fiesta del Tlaquepaque is gastronomy. The wide variety of options will please any palette. Enjoy the atmosphere of a Mexican restaurant or the elegance of a distinguished French meal. Spirits are available in the brewery, with many opportunities to sample the flavor. The romance of a fragrant garden can whet your appetite. When the occasion is special, dine within the walls of Tlaquepaque.

The many delights of exploring Tlaquepaque won’t be complete unless you see the town’s Chapel. Wedding ceremonies take place within the adobe walls. Marvel at the stained glass windows or sit quietly on a hand-carved bench admiring the mural that envelops the altar. The bells ring each time a couple is married. Perhaps you will be part of this more joyous celebration on your visit.

Spend a few hours or stay the night while exploring the wonderful aura of the Fiesta del Tlaquepaque.

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