Mon. Aug 15th, 2022

Many Americans are spending money on dating agencies to find a partner. The slowdown in the US economy and the fact that we cannot afford to live alone may be contributing to this increased desire for a spouse. Our country is experiencing many problems and there is a way to find the date of your dreams and to help our nation.

I joined a political party and met some interesting people. As one of the members and I shared dinner and conversation, he informed me that he could meet beautiful women. My ears got bigger as I listened carefully. He told me to get some political brochures and hang out at the local mall giving them to the women. He was undoubtedly promoting the advancement of his party, but he told me that he used to do it and the results were often pleasant. He didn’t have to tell me again and soon after he was at the local mall with a bunch of brochures and a smile.

Your first step will be to join one or both political parties. This will improve your chances. You want to attend some fundraising dinners and do a little networking. These roles can accelerate your career and it’s all about helping each other while attending your political party. These social climbers will offer you help. You will travel in different circles, literally rubbing shoulders with judges, prominent people, and other candidates.

After you’ve met and chosen a few names to throw away, get your flyers and head to well-populated areas. Distribute these brochures at the local mall or wherever you go. The people you are reaching out to will be receptive to you and your comments. The voters are angry and determined to clean the house. If you see a person of the opposite sex that you are attracted to, you want to socialize and ask about their career and interests. Then you want to offer a way to help them if they attend and meet helpful people in your like-minded group. Offer them a seat at the next fundraising dinner. They may be even more impressed if you enjoy dinner and rub shoulders with a local judge or other candidate. The passionate conversations you share could promise a pleasant alliance. Your sincere desire to help our nation will be contagious and can only lead to a better life. This is a tried and true method that works.

If your primary goal is to help your nation and increase voter turnout, you will be successful in other ways. If you help your party get votes, they too can help you find a good “politically correct” partner. If you are tired of your average routine and want to take a step forward, this method is for you.

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