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Weddings are an integral part of life. It symbolizes the new beginning of a beautiful relationship with a hope of love and trust, which will last for many years. Usually the couple prefers to choose everything unique and glorious for their wedding. Whether it’s a stunning long wedding dress to tie with matching cufflinks, the bride and groom leave no chance to make their wedding day exceptional.

Weddings are the time to embrace, whether it’s getting an escort in a beautiful horse carriage or selecting the non-traditional wedding ring. You are the modern couple and have the right to add your quirky sense of style, so replacing the traditional wedding ring with beautiful tattoos or bangles is definitely what you need.

Let’s take a look at all the unique alternatives that you can present in the place of a traditional wedding ring.

A Beautiful Necklace – Presenting your future soul with a charming necklace would be an ideal alternative. For the pendant of the necklace, you can prefer engraved stones or add a personalized touch to it by putting the name of your spouse.

Wedding bands or personalized chain also do a great job. Also, you can put a special quote or personalized message on the stone and present it to your better half with a beautiful necklace.

Tattoos: The finger tattoo trend has become quite popular these days. Many couples choose to engrave their partner’s name on the ring finger. Both wife and husband can choose any tattoo design from simple to extravagant. You can also have the design to your liking. From the slim line tattoo to the compact custom design or a symbol that has meaning to the two of you, finger tattoo rings are permanent and the best alternative to traditional wedding rings. Finger tattoos are suitable for daring couples who are uncomfortable wearing the rings.

Fingerprint Engraved Wedding Rings: Wedding rings are the perfect alternative to traditional wedding rings, and when the ring is engraved with fingerprints, they become more special and unique. You can ask any jewelry designer to put your fingerprints on or on the bracelet. Engraved fingerprint wedding bands are a genuinely personal and wonderful way to express love to your partner.

Silicone Bands: If your partner has an active lifestyle and is uncomfortable wearing metal at work or at home, nothing would be better than colorful silicone bands as an engagement ring. Silicone bands are ideal for people who are afraid of losing their expensive rings. Also, silicone rings are inexpensive, durable, and can fit comfortably on the ring finger. Silicone wedding rings are the most popular and stylish alternative to traditional rings.

Diamond Earrings: Diamonds are every girl’s best friend. So if you are looking for something classy to present to your better half, surprise her with a lovely pair of diamonds. You can choose the earrings of any size, cut and design. Your partner will surely be happy to receive the beautiful set of winnings.

Bespoke Design: If you like traditional wedding rings but want to have them in a bespoke design that matches your personality, then consider designing it yourself. Share your thoughts with the designer or draw the design you want. You will be amazed to see the final handmade masterpiece.

In the end: we all know the importance of glitzy rings, but putting all the money you earned on them is not right. It is always better to budget and then spend accordingly on the wedding stuff. Right after the wedding ring, the second most important thing that most couples worry about is renting a wedding car. These two things are often overlooked at the wedding by guests and family members. So in addition to choosing the decadent wedding ring, be sure to also hire a luxurious wedding transportation.

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