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Shepherd walks, walks: a book to sing

Barrett Cobb-Illustrator and performer

Dog Ears Post

Indianapolis, Indiana


$ 17.98

36 pages

Barrett Cobb’s childhood was filled with literature and songs. When she was a child, a melody accompanied her, almost like a lilting lullaby.

Eleanor Farjeon wrote both the lyrics and the melody that were first published in the Nursery Rhymes of London Town in 1916 and adopted by the American Girl Scouts, turning the little melody into a folk song that reflects to the world a time, a place. and a different culture for most of history. the world.

As with most popular songs, over the years the song has been slightly modified with the melody and alternate words. This book focuses on the original version. The book is based on a basic four-line and three-line poem. Some of the vocabulary can be difficult depending on the past experiences of the readers. The story was written with sheep roaming the nearby hills and uses words that are not always commonly spoken in today’s city culture. It is necessary to introduce some words such as shepherdess, ebony, ram, sheep, fleece, wether and shan’t. The book explains that a wether is a leading sheep that could be compared to the Follow-the-Leader game. For many of us city folks, this is a new word for most of us.

The music is beautifully performed by the author, Barrett Cobb, and can be downloaded through the website listed in the book. Melody is an easy tune that can quickly turn into a haunting selection and stay with you for days. The simplistic melody is sung by Barrett, who has a beautiful, well-trained voice that adds backing harmonies, flute, and piano in a memorable performance.

Twelve beautiful watercolors perfectly resemble the story in poem form as the story progresses reinforcing the poetic story. For young children, matching text to illustrations is very important to understanding the story, and this book exemplifies this relationship.

After a few reading, it is easy for a pre-reader or a beginning reader to sing the melody while turning the pages with the pictures that reinforce the words.

At the end of the story, a narrative explaining the poem helps to further demonstrate that the theme is jealousy and how to properly acknowledge and turn this into a positive life lesson.

Barrett Cobb is a painter, singer, flutist and now a visual storyteller turning a popular childhood song is a delightful life lesson for everyone.

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