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The eTA refers to an electronic travel authorization. This is a pre-selection process for people from more than 50 countries. Residents of these countries can go to Canada without obtaining a real visa. Some popular countries on this list include European nations, Great Britain, Japan, and Australia. Let’s find out more about this.

Travelers who can qualify for the eTA fall into 4 categories. Let’s discuss them one by one. Keep reading to know more.

1. Visitors who need an eTA

Visa-exempt foreigners may have to obtain an eTA to fly through a Canadian airfield. But they don’t need the same if they choose to travel to Canada by bus, car, boat, or train.

Permanent citizens in the United States must apply for an eTA to fly through a Canadian airfield. However, they must show their green card or passport during the inspection.

2. Who may qualify to apply for an eTA

Residents of specific states apply for the eTA in lieu of a permit to fly to Canada. However, if they choose to travel by car, bus, boat or train, they do not need to show the visa.

3. Are there other identifications?

Residents of Canada, including those with dual citizenship, must obtain an official visa. In addition, American-Canadians can manage with their respective passports.

Long-term Canadian citizens may require a permanent citizen card. But if you’ve been in Canada for years, you may still have your resident status.

4. Who is exempt from complying with the requirements?

If you are a US resident, you can carry your valid identification document such as your passport. Likewise, if you have your official Canadian documents like passport, you don’t need to meet the eTA requirements.

Other people expected from the requirement include flight crews, diplomats, accident inspectors, and civil aviation examiners.

When did the program start?

The electronic travel authorization was scheduled to take effect from March 2016, but the travel industry had some concerns about the new requirements. So the process started in November.

How do you fill out the application form?

If you want to find the eTA application, you must visit the Citizen and Immigration Canada website. You can complete the application form online. You must enter your visa information and your credit card details. Subsequently, you must pay a fee of $ 7.

Once the application is approved, it will be attached to your passport, which will be valid for 5 years. However, if your passport expires, you will have to apply again. When it comes to approval time, most applications are reviewed and accepted within minutes. However, some of them may take days to process.

Simply put, if you are looking to get an eTA, we suggest that you read this article. This will help you find out if you qualify for the eTA. Hopefully he’ll have a great time in Canada.

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