Tue. Oct 4th, 2022

Facials are something you can use to pamper yourself and are also great ways to keep your skin feeling and looking its best. Of course, with so many different skin types, not every facial will be wonderful for everyone, which is why having so many options is such a great thing.

Do you have acne? Then you’ll want an acne-reducing facial, something that deep cleans pores and removes oil and reduces the appearance of those pesky blemishes. There is a gentle wash and steam to gently remove dirt in this type of facial, but it will leave your skin looking bright and new in the end.

Looking to shine? How about a golden facial? This is real gold mixed with a cream and is great for those with dull skin as it removes dirt and impurities and plumps up the skin leaving it looking fantastic.

A paraffin facial is very popular as it softens the skin and leaves you with a clear complexion. It is ideal for oily or dry skin and the paraffin wax is warm and soft against the skin. Once it’s removed, everything bad goes with it. Viola!

Fruit facials are a great idea, but not for those with sensitive skin. For the rest of us, it removes blackheads, promotes a beautiful glow, and brightens skin. Best of all is fruit and fruit is full of antioxidants and many other good things.

An aromatherapy facial is ideal for anyone looking to relax. Aromatherapy oil is applied directly to the skin to diminish fine lines and signs of aging while putting you in a good mood.

We know that collagen is great for the skin, so it’s no surprise that a collagen facial is such a big deal. It’s a great option for people with sagging, loose, or dull skin, as collagen is a protein that rejuvenates skin, making it look full and glowing. Part of this type of facial is steaming and massage as well, making it part of a great day of pampering.

Facials are a great thing to try at home or at the spa. Go with friends or have fun, but it is something that replenishes not only your face but also your spirit. No matter which one you choose, you’ll be pampered, happy, and radiant when you’re done.

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