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From celebrities to housewives, sunglasses are a fashion statement for those who wear them. Some people can afford expensive designer labels and others will settle for knockoffs or knockoffs, as they are often called. In any case, sunglasses are multifunctional. They do not serve only as accessories; They also protect your eyes from the elements, so function can be just as important as form when choosing which pair to buy. The decision to buy a certain style of sunglasses can be just as difficult for the buyer as it is for you as the seller.

Designer on the go

Just because the economy has taken a downward turn does not mean that customers always opt for a lower-priced item. Customers are more concerned with the value they receive. By selling a high-end product, like designer sunglasses, customers expect your marketing and customer service to make them feel more special. Remember to follow these rules:

o Show your online store with a professional and sophisticated site.

Customers expect stylish packaging for stylish items.

o Be an expert on the items you sell. Develop a close relationship with your provider and their knowledge will be yours.

o Get proof of authenticity from your provider.

o Stay in touch with your customers. Be there to answer questions. Be available to help with any issues and back your product with a warranty.


The competition is so stiff in the world of designer sunglasses that it can be difficult to find good prices on authentic brands. Fortunately for you, knockoffs sell incredibly well. There are many providers out there, so once again, research is the key. Cheaper does not mean better. Start with a small but varied sample order and run your own tests. Look for these qualities:

o Lens clarity and uniformity

o Smoothness vs. cracking

o Balance when placed on a level surface

As with any business decision, your research will save you time and money in the long run. Select your providers carefully and get referrals. A long-lasting, healthy relationship means less stress on your daily business transactions and better deals over time. Providers want that strong and ongoing partnership just like you do.

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