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It is a wonderful feeling to be wrapped in a fur coat in winters. Soft, plush material keeps you warm and comfortable in the worst of the biting cold. However, having all that fur around you makes you feel guilty about being here warm and cozy at the cost of the life of a poor helpless animal. Makes you wonder if man has really left his barbarian ways! Hunt and skin animals for food and clothing as in the early days of evolution. It is true that the circumstances were different then; For starters, there was no PETA to object to. However, now we are more civilized, we care about our environment and we are concerned about the depletion of the Arctic polar caps and the disappearance of species of flora and fauna. However, we continue to breed and kill rabbits, beavers, foxes, bears, and many more animals for our comfort.

Well, all animal lovers and animal activists can now breathe a sigh of relief. Technological advances in science have heralded the beginning of a new method of saving animals. In the late 1950s came the creation of synthetic fur. This was made from acrylic polymers, and over the years it has gone from looking fake to looking so authentic – it would take an expert to tell the fake from the real. Acrylic polymers have been blended with other polymers (for the non-tech savvy, this is what I will venture to venture) to produce what is called modacrylic fabric, in simple words, faux fur fabric.

This faux fur fabric has the look and feel of real skin and is just as warm. It can be dyed in various colors and prints to match the patterns on real fur, be it chinchilla or cheetah. The properties of modacrylic fibers make it possible to obtain a material of bright pink, turquoise, violet and even orange color. There is no limit to the probable uses of faux fur fabric. It is a very essential fashion resource visible in garments and accessories for both men and women. Homes now look brighter, more elegant, and sometimes just modern and stylish with the addition of bedding – bedspreads, cushions and blankets, furniture such as rugs, blankets and cushion covers. Soon faux fur can replace the real things on the walls too!

The fabric is fluffy, stretchy, and lightweight, making it perfect for accessories like shawls and boas. Since it is durable and can be washed by hand, the faux fur fabric makes great jackets and rugs. Since the material is fire resistant, it is also safe, especially when used around the house. Generally, you should keep the coat away from moisture to avoid losing its shine. With advanced fabric curing, synthetic leather is more resistant to moisture and absorbs less moisture, so it dries faster. The shine is maintained with the help of resins that are used to make acrylic fibers. In addition, the synthetic leather fabric is resistant to insect attack.

With all these features, it is not hard to imagine why faux fur fabric is fast becoming a very popular choice for both clothing and interior decoration. Being available at a fraction of the cost of real fur is just the tip of the iceberg of the benefits of faux fur fabric.

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