Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

Of the hundreds of millions of owners of the Bible, few can claim to fully understand its contents. Sure, they go to church and listen to preachers who have studied with teachers to explain their perception of it. Certain sections are embedded in them and the threat of hell forbids them not to deviate from the content. Religions are based on everyone being on the same page when it comes to their beliefs.

According to Wikipedia there are about 4,200 religions. Most of them are guaranteed to have their own version of a holy book. The Christian Bible, for example, has thousands of different translations, which are not necessarily different versions. However, the words were compromised according to the language and ideas of the compiler.

In the King James Version, in my usage, the title God is rarely used in the Old Testament. It is replaced by terms like ‘lord’, ‘spirit’ and ‘wisdom’, among other things. One thing is standard; however, he always refers to the Supreme Creator as “he”.

Spurred by the memory of reincarnation and the knowledge it brought me from a previous life, which all religions deny, my research was aided by the Spirit. Between lives and in total darkness I was in a state of complete spirituality and was born with a permanent link to it.

During that phase, it showed my next life ahead as a line drawn ahead and what would happen as it rose and fell. The age of 45 would be a turning point. It was then that I was commissioned with great power to begin a Spirit-led journey to unearth the facts behind where religious things came from.

He took me to Babylon and from there on a journey of considerable depth that spanned many themes and eras. To my amazement, I was shown the answer as to why the Bible is so complicated and difficult to read. He also revealed the identity of the man titled 666.

Everything that has been given to me is published for free on the Internet, since this is the medium that the Spirit has chosen to speak to the world. It is the greatest miracle of all ages and is available to everyone. It is called Mount Zion, promised to appear in the last days. Those looking to find out why the Bible is more of a joke than reality can be informed for free.

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