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A fact about men is that their penis and testicles sweat. The amount of sweat will depend on your current environment at the time (hot, cold), how active you are (running around the block or watching TV), your diet, and your genetic disposition.

Surprisingly, even if you don’t feel condensation (droplets) of sweat on your body or testicles, this doesn’t mean you’re not sweating. The reason for this is that once the moisture from sweat reaches the surface, it usually evaporates immediately or is absorbed by clothing. It also depends on the percentage of relative humidity in your environment. Therefore, if you are in a dry environment, your sweat will usually mysteriously evaporate without you knowing it. If you are in a more humid environment, sweat is much more likely to start to coalesce and form beads on your skin.

Generally, even sedentary people who stay cool indoors throughout the day will sweat at least a liter of sweat in a 48-hour period. Sweat also burns calories. There are divergent opinions (not the easiest to measure), but converting a pint of body fluid into sweat is believed to burn about 500 calories. When people exercise, they naturally sweat more. This is your body’s natural mechanism to help lower your body temperature. In fact, this is one of the main ways that “exercise” helps burn calories, that is, by converting body fluids into sweat. Keep this in mind if you want to lose weight: the more you sweat, the more calories you burn.

There are many reasons to sweat. First of all, it is the main mechanism for cooling the body. However, the sweat mechanism also has other important functions. For example, it is a way to expel toxins from the body. As the skin is the largest organ in the body, through sweat it has the ability to help detoxify the body more than most people realize. Sweat also carries with it pheromones and other hormones that participate in the process of sexual attraction.

As we mentioned, his testicles sweat. In fact, your penis also sweats. Well at least the shaft of the penis does, as there are very few sweat glands on the head of the penis. Probably the reason for this is that there are many more nerve receptors on the skin of the head of the penis than there are on the skin of the shaft of the penis. Sweat tassels would displace these nerve receptors and limit their number. As the head of the penis is the most sensitive and nerve-rich part of the penis (apart from the foreskin and frenulum), it is much more advantageous if the skin is loaded with these sensory receptors rather than sweat glands. I think you would agree too. Mother Nature is smarter than we think and can surprise us with her biological wisdom.

So why are his testicles and penis sweating? Well, as we already mentioned, hormones will be secreted in the sweat that act to attract certain “female” partners who have specific hormone receptors for certain types of male secretions. Therefore, a woman may be more attracted to the sweat of the penis and testicles, because she has the correct hormone receptor in her genetic makeup. If a woman does not have this specific receptor, then her testicular and penile “smell” will not “turn on” her as much.

Of course, the main reason the testicles sweat is to help reduce the temperature of the testicular “sac”. The reason for this is that sperm are very sensitive to temperature. They must be kept at a temperature lower than normal body temperature or they will die. This is why your testicles hang outside your body. Now when you step into a cold pool or cold shower, the dartos and cremasteric muscles will contract to bring your testicles closer to your body. This is because the “cold” environment is too cold for the health of your sperm. So your body shrinks your testicles with these muscles to keep your sperm warmer by bringing them closer to your body.

When your testicles are too hot, these muscles will stretch (relax) and your testicles will hang more than normal. This is to keep the testicles further away from your body to escape excess body heat. This is also why men who wear boxers and / or baggy pants generally have healthier sperm than men who wear a “Y” front or tight pants. The “Y” front and / or tight pants keep the testicles too tight against the body and the testicles have a hard time contracting or dilating to regulate sperm temperature.

Sweating of the testicles is normal, as this is another mechanism your body uses to keep the testicles and sperm at the “correct” temperature. When your testicles sweat, this helps lower the temperature of your testicles and therefore the temperature of your sperm (if things are getting too “hot” down).

Men who wear a “Y” front and / or tight pants will find that their testicles will sweat more than if one wears baggy boxers and pants that are not too tight.

The shaft of your penis also sweats to reduce its temperature and therefore the temperature of your sperm. Since your penis is generally very close to your testicles, it has a direct impact on the temperature of the testicles and sperm. This is also one of the reasons why your penis “shrinks” or “hangs” more, depending on the environment and the clothes you are wearing (we are referring to the flaccid state of the penis in this example).

So that’s why his testicles sweat. It is an important physiological protection mechanism that helps ensure that your sperm are healthy, strong, and ready for reproduction.

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