Fri. Jan 28th, 2022

There is a new wave in WoW 1-80 leveling guide collections. There are two guides published recently by Zygor. One is specially designed for Horde and the other is for Alliance players. The two separate guides are written to add more specialization to the included instructions, which is very important in the WoW game.

It seems like a new guide for World of Warcraft is released every week. This time, there were two of them even. Some guides are not worth anyone’s time simply because they tend to ignore important information. However, there are others that contain too much information that overwhelms users. It’s almost impossible to pack too much data into one complete guide. Zygor guides are very different. This one is really worth your time and money.

The idea of ​​having two different guides for the same search is more than attractive. In fact, the Horde and the Alliance require different sets of strategies. However, these guides were created in great detail, and both were over 300 pages full of information. But more than just the guide that you have to read from cover to cover, Zygor has also created a map to complement your game. This can make your search twice as simple. Gold guides are included on the map. By using the guide and the special map together, you can really accumulate your wealth while trying to reach the power levels.

The details included in the two guides are fantastic. It covers all the important missions that players need to follow while playing. Compared to other guides of similar scope, Zygor’s guide would be twice as good. The author goes to the trouble of removing all the quests that you don’t have to follow as they would only take most of your time and set you back. There are also missions that provide very little reward at the end and as such are not worth it either. The guide is specially created to get you to level 70 in less than eight days. That is, if you choose to follow all the instructions and recommendations in the book.

The guides also include the map-mod cartographer. This program makes various modifications of the map possible to suit your needs. Loading the map-mod also allows you to follow all the things as stated in the Zygor leveling guides in a very methodical way. Every place you need to get to on the WoW game map can be set as landmarks. By doing so, you don’t have to open the map all the time just to know where you need to go. When turning a particular point into a waypoint even if it isn’t, the arrows will point it directly, thus showing you the correct way to go.

The Zygor guide provides players with a comprehensive walkthrough of the relevant parts of the game. This includes the starting area of ​​the race. Whether facing an alliance or a horde, the guide covers both areas.

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