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We all know how frustrating it is to rack up reputation points just to get the Heroic Key for a given instance or tune in for a raid. The goal of this guide is to make rep grinding as time efficient as possible.

Note: Heroic Keys now only require ‘honored’ status to purchase.

The following factions are listed in alphabetical order.

Aldor Neutral – Honored: Marks of Kil’Jaeden Honored – Exalted: Marks of Sargeras, Fel Armaments, Missions

Ashtongue Deathsworn Neutral – Exalted: Black Temple, quests

Cenarion Expedition Neutral – Honored: Unidentified Plant Parts, Slave Pens, Honored Underbog – Exalted: Steamvault, Quests, Coilfang Armament

Neutral Consortium – Friendly: Mana Tombs, Crystal Shards, Ivory Filled Heads Friendly – Honored: Mana Tombs Honored – Exalted: Quests, Heap of Ethereals, Obsidian War Pearls, Ethereum Prisoner Keys

Honor Hold Neutral – Righteous: Ramparts, Blood Furnace Righteous – Exalted: Quests, Shattered Halls

Neutral Time Keepers – Exalted: Quests, Old Hillsbrad, Black Marsh

Kurenai Neutral – Exalted: Quests, Obsidian War Pearls, Mobs

Neutral Lower City – Honored: Auchenai Crypts, Sethekk Halls, Honored Feathers – Exalted: Quests, Shadow Labyrinth

Mag’har Neutral – Exalted: Mobs, Quests, Obsidian Warbeads Note: Consortium also accepts Warbeads, I advise you to finish all missions and move mobs for reputation, while delivering Warheads for Consortium.

Netherwing (requires 300 riding skill to reach Exalted) Friendly – Exalted: Daily Quests + Egg Hunt Quest List: Egg Hunt, Slow Death, Nether Dust Pollen, Netherwing Crystal, Not-So-Friendly Skies, Great nether wing, A cure for the useless commons Pawn, picking up the pieces, dragons are the least of our problems, disrupting the Twilight portal, the biggest trap ever laid

Ogri’la XXX – Neutral: “Talk to the Ogre” Quest Chain Neutral – Honored: Relic Emanation (Daily), Discuss some Ethereal Lightning, Honored Bombardment – Exalted: All 3 above, plus Banish Demons

Scale of the Sands Neutral – Exalted: CoT: Battle of Mount Hyjal, The Vials of Eternity

Scryers Neutral – Honored: Firewing Markers Honored – Exalted: Arcane Tomes, Sunfury Markers, Quests

Sha’tar Neutral – Honored: Aldor / Scryers turnins Honored – Exalted: Quests, Tempest Keep

Sha’tari Skyguard Neutral – Exalted: World of Shadows, Fire Over Skettis, Escape from Skettis, Wrangle Some Aether Rays !, Bombing Run

Shattered Sun Offensive Neutral – Exalted: Daily Quests, Magister’s Terrace

Sporeggar Neutral – Friendly: Sporelings’ Plot, Swamp Lord Honored Tendrils – Revered: Revered Swamp Lords – Exalted: Quests, More Swamp Lords

The Neutral Violet Eye – Exalted: Karazhan, Missions

Neutral Thrallmar – Righteous: Ramparts, Righteous Blood Furnace – Exalted: Quests, Shattered Halls

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